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凉菜, 头盘:(Appetizer)



广式烧鸭:     Roasted Duck (quarter/half/whole)

(主料:北京塡鸭, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest Peking duck, homemade sauce)   £7.90/quarter  £13.80/half  £26.00/whole



金牌脆皮烧肉:Roasted Crispy Pork Belly

(主料:上等五花猪腩, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest pork belly and homemade sauce)                                               £7.90



鸡丝海蜇:Jellyfish with Chicken

(主料:鸡丝, 海蜇丝, 青瓜)

(Ingredients: finely threaded chicken and jellyfish, cucumber)                                  £7.90



糖醋排骨:Sweet-and-Sour Spare Ribs


(Ingredients: finest spare ribs)                                                                                    £7.80



夫妻肺片  Man-and-Wife Offal Slices

(主料:牛肚, 牛肉, 牛心, 牛舌)

(Ingredients: beef offal, beef, beef tongue)                                                                £8.90



湘味拍黄瓜:Smacked Cucumbers Hunan Style (V)

(主料:青瓜, 剁辣椒)

(Ingredients: cucumber, chop salted green chilli)                                                       £5.90



五香熏鱼:    Five-Spice Smoked Fish

(主料: 淡水鱼)

(Ingredients: fresh water fish)                                                                                     £6.90



葱油腐竹: Dried Bean-Curd in Spring Onion and Oil (V)


(Ingredients: bean-curd)                                                                                             £5.90


双椒木耳: Spiced Fungus (V)

(主料:上等云耳, 青椒, 红椒)

(Ingredients:  Finest Fungus, fresh green and red chillies)                                         £5.90



麻辣牛肉:Numbing-and-hot Sliced Beef


(Ingredients:  beef tendons, homemade sauce)                                                       £7.90




麻酱菠菜:Blanched Spinach in Sesame Sauce (V)

(主料:菠菜 , 秘制麻酱)

(Ingredients:  spinach, homemade sesame sauce)                                                  £6.80



双椒螺片:Spiced Snails

(主料:海螺, 青椒, 红椒)

(Ingredients:  snails, fresh green and red chillies)                                                    £7.90



酸辣藕片:Sweet and Sour Lotus

(主料 :莲藕等)

(Ingredients: lotus)                                                                                                      £6.90



四川口水鸡:Mouth-watering Sichuan Chicken

(主料:鸡丝, 青瓜丝 , 芝麻, 花生, 秘制调料)

(Ingredients:  threaded chicken, cucumber, peanuts, sesame and homemade sauce)   £8.90



盐水毛豆:  Soybeans in Salty Water (V)


(Ingredients: fresh soybeans)                                                                                   £3.90



凉拌海带:     Shredded Kelp with Homemade Sauce


(Ingredients:   kelp)                                                                                       £5.90



爽口萝卜皮:Tasty Radish Skin (V)

(主料:  鲜嫩白萝卜,鲜辣椒等)

(Ingredients:  Fresh radish and fresh chilli)                                                             £5.90





木瓜雪杏:Papaya with Apricot Kernel

(主料: 木瓜,杏粉,牛奶)

(Ingredients: Papaya, almond flour and milk)                                                         £7.90



湘菜系列:(Hunanese Style Series)



一品秘制鸡锅(配青菜和豆腐)Yipin Special Chicken Pot (with Pak Choy and Toufu)

(主料: 上等嫩仔鸡,青椒,红椒,洋葱,姜,蒜子,秘制调料)

(Ingredients: finest chicken, green pepper, red chilli, ginger and garlic)                    £16.80



干锅仔鸡(有骨/无骨)  <Dry-work> Chicken (Bone or Bone-less)

(主料:上等仔鸡, 鲜青红尖椒等, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest chicken, fresh green and red chillies and homemade sauce)    £13.80/£14.80



回锅鸭:     Twice-cooked Duck

(主料:上等麻鸭, 青椒等, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest duck, green pepper and homemade sauce)                               £12.80



干锅鸭 :<Dry-Wok> Duck

(主料:上等水鸭,香卤料,鲜青红尖椒等, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest duck, marinated fragrance,fresh green and red chillies and homemade sauce)                                                                                                                             £13.80



干锅肥肠 :<Dry-Wok> Pig’s Intestines

(主料: 肥肠, 香辣酱, 鲜青红尖椒, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: intestines, fragrant chillie sauce with dried chillies, homemade sauce       £12.90




干锅田鸡腿:<Dry-Wok> Frog Legs

(主料:田鸡腿, 鲜青红尖椒等, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: frog legs, fresh green and red chillies and homemade sauce             £15.90



干锅手撕苞菜:<Dry-Wok> Hand-torn Cabbage with Chilli and Vinegar

(主料:鲜嫩圆包菜, 五花猪腩等)

(Ingredients: fresh Japanese cabbage, pork belly, chilli and vinegar)                       £9.90







干锅鱿鱼须: <Dry-Wok> Squid

(主料: 鱿鱼须)

(Ingredients: squid)                                                                                                    £12.90





干锅牛杂:<Dry-Wok> Beef Offal

(主料: 牛肚,牛腩,牛心,牛舌,秘制干锅酱)

(Ingredients: beef tripe, beef brisket, beef tongue and homemade dry-wok sauce)          £1480




干锅豆腐:  Dry-wok Bean Curd

(主料:   豆腐,五花猪腩)

(Ingredients:  bean curd, finest pork belly and homemade sauce)                            £9.90



大盆花菜:  Stir fried Cauliflower with Pork

(主料:   花菜,五花猪腩)

(Ingredients:  cauliflower, finest pork belly and homemade sauce)                           £8.90



回锅扣肉:  Twice-cooked Pork Belly

(主料:  上等五花肉,家乡梅菜,青椒,红椒等)

(Ingredients:  finest streaky pork, homemade preserved vegetables, green pepper and red chilli)                  £12.80



风味羊肉串:Lamb on Skews (8)

(主料: 鲜嫩腿羊肉, 秘制调料)

(Ingredients: fresh tender lamb leg in homemade sauce)                                          £9.90



干炒孜然牛肉:Deep Fried Beef with Cumin

(主料: 鲜嫩肉牛, 干辣椒碎, 孜然等)

(Ingredients: fresh tender beef, dried chillie power and cumin)                                 £9.90



农家小炒肉:Farmhouse Stir-Fried Pork with Green Peppers

(主料: 鲜嫩五花猪腩, 杭椒)

(Ingredients: fresh tender pork, green chillie peppers)                                               £8.90







小炒猪脚皮:Stir-fried Pig Knuckle

(主料: 猪手,青椒,红椒,蒜子)

(Ingredients: pig knuckle, green pepper, red chilli and garlid)                                    £9.90



小炒牛肉(羊肉): Stir-Fried Beef  (Lamb) with Hot Peppers

(主料: 鲜嫩牛肉<羊肉>, 红尖椒, 香菜等)

(Ingredients: fresh tender beef<lamb>, fresh red chillies and coriander)                  £10.80



小炒五香豆干: Stir-Fried Pressed Bean-curd with Celery and Fresh Chillies (V available)

(主料: 五香豆干, 韭菜, 五花肉等)

(Ingredients: marinated bean-curd, chives and finest pork belly)                              £8.90



蟹黄豆花: Silken Bean-curd in a Sauce of Salted Duck-egg Yolk

(主料:日本玉子豆花, 蟹肉黄等)

(Ingredients: Japanese silken bean curd and duck-egg yolk)                                    £7.90




酸豆角肉沫: Pickled Yard-long Beans with Minced Pork (V available)

(主料: 鲜豆角, 肉碎等)

(Ingredients: fresh runner beans, minced pork)                                                         £7.80




香酥藕夹:Deep Fried Crispy Lotus Root Slices with Pork


(Ingredients: fresh lotus root, streaky pork, egg and flour)                                        £8.80




家常煎豆腐: Bear’s Paw Bean-curd in Spicy Sauce (V available)

(主料:嫩豆腐, 肉片, 云耳等)

(Ingredients: homemade bean-curd, pork slices and fungus)                                    £7.90



香辣肥肠:  Fragrant and Spicy Pig’s Intestines

(主料: 肥肠, 香辣酱, 干椒)

(Ingredients: intestines, fragrant chillie sauce with dried chillies)                               £8.90



风味猪肝:  Tenderly Fried Pig’s Liver with Pak Choy

(主料:  猪肝,小白菜)

(Ingredients:  pig’s liver and chives)                                                                           £9.90


松子鱼:Sweet and Sour Sea Bass


(Ingredients: fresh sea bass, pineapple, pea and dried mushroom, white sugar, ketchup and vinegar)      £22.80



砂锅淮山:Chinese Yam Casserole

(主料:  淮山,鲜五花肉等)

(Ingredients: Chinese yam and fresh streaky pork)                                                   £11.80




蒸菜:(Steamed Dishes – Hunanese Series)


毛氏红烧肉:Chairman Mao’s Red-Braised Pork

(主料: 上等五花猪腩, 香卤料等)

(Ingredients: finest pork belly with marinated fragrances)                                         £10.90



珍珠糯米丸: Lotus Root Ball


(Ingredients: Lotus Root, sun-dried mushroom, streaky pork , water chestnut)        £9.80



糯香排骨:Steamed Spare Ribs with Glutinous Rice

(主料: 上等猪排骨, 糯米, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest spare ribs, glutinous rice, homemade sauce)                              £9.90



剁椒蒸鲈鱼:Sea Bass with Chopped Salted Fresh Chillies


(Ingredients: sea bass, homemade chopped salted fresh chilli sauce)                     £18.80




蒜蓉蒸丝瓜:Steam Luffa with Garlic


(Ingredients: luffa and homemade garlic sauce)                                                        £9.90



梅菜蒸扣肉:Stewed Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables

(主料:上等五花猪腩, 家乡梅菜干等)

(Ingredients: Finest pork belly, homemade preserved vegetables)                           £10.80






剁椒蒸鱼片:Steamed Slices of Fish with Chopped Salted fresh Chillies

(主料:净除骨鱼片肉, 秘制剁辣椒)

(Ingredients: boneless fish slices, homemade chopped salted fresh chillie sauce)      £9.90



川菜类:  (Sichuan Style Series)


香辣虾:Spicy King Prawns

(主料: 大虾,姜,青葱,干尖椒等)

(Ingredients: King prawns, Ginger, Spring onion and Red Chilli Sauce)                    £18.90



水煮鱼: Boiled Fish with Sizzling Chilli Oil

(主料:鲜鱼片肉, 芽菜, 水煮鱼酱料, 干尖椒等)

(Ingredients: fish steak, sprouts, homemade source and dried chillies)                    £14.90



回锅肉: Twice-Cooked Pork

(主料: 上等五花猪腩, 青红椒, 青蒜等)

(Ingredients: finest pork belly, green and red chillies, leek)                                       £8.90



泡椒牛柳: Beef Fillet with Pickled Red Chillie

(主料:鲜嫩牛里脊肉, 泡红椒)

(Ingredients:  fresh beef tenderloin, pickled red chillies)                                            £11.90



水煮牛肉: Boiled Beef Slices in an Extremely Spicy Sauce

(主料:鲜嫩牛肉, 大白菜等)

(Ingredients: fresh tender beef, Chinese cabbage)                                                    £10.90



水煮肉片: <Water-boiled> Pork Slices

(主料:鲜嫩瘦肉, 大白菜)

(Ingredients: fresh lean pork, Chinese cabbage)                                                       £9.90



重庆辣子鸡(无骨) : Fragrant Boneless Chicken in a Pile of Chillies

(主料:鲜嫩仔鸡, 干椒段, 花椒等)

(Ingredients: fresh lean baby chicken meat, dried chillies and pepper corn)            £12.90





宫保鸡丁: Gong Bao Chicken with Peanuts

(主料:鲜嫩除骨鸡腿肉, 姜蒜, 花生米等)

(Ingredients: fresh lean boneless chicken drums, ginger and peanuts)                   £8.90



麻婆豆腐: Pork-marked Old Woman’s Bean-curd

(主料:嫩豆腐, 肉末等)

(Ingredients: silken bean-curd and minced pork)                                                       £8.90



宫保大虾球:Gong Bao Prawns with Cashew Nuts

(主料:鲜嫩无壳大虾, 姜蒜, 干椒段, 腰果等)

(Ingredients: fresh king prawn meat, ginger and garlic, dried chillies and cashew nuts)  £12.90



一品毛血旺: Yipin Assorted Meats in a Fiery Sauce

(主料:鲜大虾,鱿鱼,蟹肉棒, 田鸡,午餐肉,猪红等,秘制酱料等)

(Ingredients: fresh king prawns, squid, crab meat sticks, frog legs, pork luncheon meat and cubed pig blood, homemade sauce )                                                                             £14.90



酸菜鱼: Sliced Sea Bass in a Soup of Pickled Mustard

(主料:活鲜鲈鱼, 四川酸菜, 野山椒等)

(Ingredients: fresh sea bass, Sichuan preserved vegetables, wild yellow chillies)       £12.90



鱼香茄子: Fish-Fragrant Aubergines with Minced Pork (V available)

(主料:茄子, 肉末等)

(Ingredients: aubergines and minced pork)                                                                £8.90



干煸四季豆:Dry-fried Green Beans (V available)

(主料:四季豆, 肉末, 四川芽菜等)

(Ingredients: fresh runner beans, minced pork and Sichuan bean sprouts)              £7.90




粤菜潮州菜:Chaozhou/Cantonese Style



北京片皮鸭:Traditional Peking Duck (half/whole)

(主料:北京塡鸭, 青瓜丝, 葱丝, 红萝卜丝, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest Peking duck, cucumber, threaded spring onion, carrots and homemade sauce)                                                                                                          £14.80/half  £28.00/whole




广式烧鸭:  Roasted Duck (quarter/half/whole)

(主料:北京塡鸭, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest Peking duck, homemade sauce)                         £7.90 / £13.80 / £26.00



金牌脆皮烧肉:Roasted Crispy Pork Belly

(主料:上等五花猪腩, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients: finest pork belly and homemade sauce)                                               £7.90



传统香酥鸭:Crispy Aromatic Duck (quarter/half /whole)

(主料:北京填鸭, 青瓜丝, 葱丝, 传统配方鸭酱等)

(Ingredients:  crispy duck served with pancakes, spring onions, cucumber and homemade duck sauce)                                                                                                  £7.90 / £15.00 / £26.00



京都蜜汁骨:Mandarin Spare Ribs

(主料:鲜排骨, 秘制酱料)

(Ingredients:  spare ribs and homemade sauce)                                                        £8.90



五香牛腩煲: Stewed Beef Brisket in Five Spiced Sauce

(主料:上等牛腩, 香卤料, 白萝卜等)

(Ingredients: beef brisket, radish with marinated fragrances)                                    £9.00



XO酱露笋带子: Sautéed Scallops with Asparagus in XO Sauce

(主料:露笋, 鲜带子, XO酱等)

(Ingredients:  fresh asparagus, scallops and XO sauce)                                            £13.80



一品海鲜豆腐煲: Yipin Seafood Tofu Pot

(主料:多种海鲜, 日本玉子豆腐等)

(Ingredients:  stewed Japanese silken tofu with prawns and scallops)                      £12.80


黑椒露笋牛柳: Sautéed Beef Fillet with Asparagus in Black Pepper

(主料:鲜嫩牛里脊肉, 露笋, 秘制黑胡椒汁等)

(Ingredients:  fresh beef tenderloin, fresh asparagus and homemade black pepper sauce)




椒盐软壳蟹: Soft-shell Crab


(Ingredients:  soft-shell crab in salt and pepper)                                                                     £12.90




豉汁百花鲜带子:Sauteed Stuffed Scallops with Minced Prawns in Black Bean Sauce

(主料:鲜带子, 西兰花,秘制豆豉酱)

(Ingredients:  scallop, broccoli and black bean source)                                                   £12.90




豉椒虾: Prawns with Peppers in Black Bean Source


(Ingredients: peeled king prawns, green and red peppers and black bean source)     £9.90



豉椒鱿鱼:  Squid with Peppers in Black Bean Source


(Ingredients: fresh squid and black bean source)                                                      £8.90



豉椒鸡: Chicken with Peppers in Black Bean Source


(Ingredients: boneless chicken, green and red peppers and black bean source)         £7.90



豉椒牛肉:  Beef with Peppers in Black Bean Source


(Ingredients: fresh beef, green and red peppers, onion and black bean source)        £8.90



姜葱牛肉: Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion


(Ingredients: fresh beef, ginger and spring onion)                                                      £8.90



姜葱大虾 King Prawns with Ginger and Spring Onion


(Ingredients: peeled king prawns, ginger and spring onion)                                       £9.90



姜葱鱿鱼:Squid with Ginger and Spring Onion


(Ingredients: fresh squid, ginger and spring onion)                                                     £8.90



木耳炒淮山:Stir-fried Chinese Yam with Fungus


(Ingredients: Chinese yam and fungus)                                                                     £9.90




松仁玉米:Sweetcorn with Pine Nuts


(Ingredients: sweetcorn, pine nuts and pea)                                                               £7.90





姜葱鸡:Chicken with Ginger  and Spring Onion


(Ingredients: fresh chicken, ginger and spring onion)                                                £7.90



咕噜鸡: Sweet and Sour Chicken


(Ingredients: fresh chicken, sweet and sour source)                                                 £7.50



咕噜肉: Sweet and Sour Pork


(Ingredients:  fresh tender pork, sweet and sour source)                                           £7.50



咕噜虾: Sweet and Sour King Prawn


(Ingredients:  fresh king prawn, sweet and sour source)                                           £9.90






鲈鱼: Sea Bass                                                           £16.90

(清蒸, 剁椒蒸, 豉汁蒸, 干烧):

steamed with ginger and spring onions

steamed with chopped salted

steamed with black bean sauce

dry cooked with homemade sauce


拖鲅鱼:  Turbot                                                           £29.00

(清蒸, 剁椒蒸, 豉汁蒸)

steamed with ginger and spring onions

steamed with chopped salted

steamed with black bean sauce


龙虾:Lobster (with/without noodle base)                  £22.90

( 姜葱焗, 豉汁焗, 清蒸, XO酱, 芝士牛油焗, 香辣)

stir-fry with ginger and onion

stir-fry with black bean sauce

steamed with ginger and spring onions

stir-fry XO sauce

baked with cheese and oyster sauce

stir-fry in hot spice


蟹: Crab                                                                      £14.80

(姜葱, 香辣, 豉汁, 黑椒)

stir-fry with ginger and onion

stir-fry with hot spice

stir-fry with black bean sauce

stir-fry with black pepper


带子 :Scallop                                                           £12.90

(鱼香, 蒜茸粉丝蒸, 豉汁)

steamed with fish fragrant

steamed with garlic and vermicelli noodles

steamed with black bean sauce


鱿鱼   : Squid                                          £7.90

(豉椒, 椒盐, XO酱, 酸辣, 鱼香)

stir-fried with black bean sauce

deep fried with salt and pepper

stir-fried with XO sauce

stir-fried with sweet and sour sauce

stir-fried with fish fragrant


大虾   : King Prawns                               £12.90

(豉椒, 椒盐, 姜葱, 黄金焗, 蒜茸粉丝蒸)

stir-fried with black bean sauce

deep fried with salt and pepper

stir-fry with ginger and onion

golden stir-fry

steamed with garlic and vermicelli noodles


汤类:  Soup


海带玉米排骨汤 Kelp and Sweet Corn Soup with Pork Ribs                        £3.50/  £8.90

墨鱼排骨汤Sun-Dried Cuttlefish Soup with Spare Ribs                                £3.90/  £8.90

冬菇排骨汤 Fresh Spare Ribs and Chinese Mushrooms Soup                    £3.50/ £8.90

滋补老鸡汤:Special Corn-fed Chicken Soup                                              £3.90/ £9.90

云吞汤 Won Ton Soup                                                                                  £3.50

粟米羹[鸡肉/蟹肉] Sweet Corn Soup with Chicken or Crab Meat                £3.20/  £3.80

海鲜豆腐羹 Mixed Seafood with Bean Curd Soup                                       £3.90


主食:  Rice and Noodles


四川担担面:  The Legendary Dandan Noodles                                              £6.80

热干面/ 粉:Hot Dry Noodles                                                                        £6.90

红油抄手: Won Ton in Red Oil                                                                       £5.90

北方水饺[猪肉/大白菜] (6):  Northern Chinese Dumplings with Pork or Chinese Cabbage (6)         £5.90

煎锅贴[猪肉/鸡肉](6): Grilled Shanghai Dumplings with Pork or Chicken (6)                                        £6.80

招牌牛腩汤面: Chef’s Special Beef Noodles in Soup                                   £7.90

明炉烧鸭汤面: Roasted Duck Noodles in Soup                                            £7.90

剁椒炒饭:Fried Rice with Chopped Salted Chillies                                      £4.50

招牌炒饭: Chef’s Special Fried Rice                                                             £6.80

蛋炒饭:  Egg Fried Rice                                                                                 £3.20

白米饭: Plain Rice                                                                                        £2.00




南瓜饼(6): Pumpkin Cake(6)                                                                          £6.90

红薯饼(6): Sweet Potato Cake(6)                                                                  £6.90

甜酒汤圆[例/大] Glutinous Rice in Sweet Wine                                  £5.80/regular  £7.90/large

香煎葱油饼(3/6): Crispy and Fried Chinese Pan cake with Spring Onion(3/6)         £7.90/£12.80

金银馒头:Steamed Bun(6)                                                                           £6.90



时蔬:  Seasonal Vegetables

菠菜                 Spinach                                      £8.90

小白菜                     Pak Choy                                    £8.90

芥兰                         Chinese Broccoli                        £9.80

菜心                         Choy Sum                                  £9.80

上海青                     Shanghai Pak Choy                   £8.90

空心菜                     Water Spinach                            £8.90

豆苗                         Peashoot                                    £10.90

大白菜                     Chinese Cabbage                       £7.90

包菜                         Cabbage                                     £7.90

西红柿                     Tomatos                                      £7.90

生菜                         lettuce                                         £9.80

西兰花                     Broccoli                                       £7.90

苦瓜                         Bitter Melon                                £10.90

芹菜                         Celery                                         £7.90

茄子                         Aubergines                                 £9.80

土豆                         Potato                                         £7.90

青瓜                         Cucumber                                  £8.80

四季豆                        Green Bean                             £7.90

露笋                         Asparagus                                  £9.90

丝瓜                         Luffa                                           £9.90


Prepared in a choice of:

蒜茸                 stir fry with garlic

清炒                 stir fry

上汤                 in chicken stock (+ £2.50)

蚝油                 Oyster sauce (+ £1.50)

姜汁                 in ginger sauce

冬菇扒             with sautéed mushroom (+ £1.50)

干煸                 dry fry

剁椒炒             stir fry with chopped salted chillies(+ £2.00)

椒丝腐乳         threaded chillies with preserved beancurd sauce (+ £2.00)

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